Angry Badger Productions, an innovative and fearless production design team serving the broadcast, web based and corporate communications industries creates one of a kind solutions for scenic, lighting, video and technology environments.

ABP precision targets the clients’ audiences and unlike the competition, never has a one size fits all approach. With one eye on the unexpected and the other firmly fixed on the clients’ needs and workflow, ABP combines cutting edge technologies with inspired imagination to synthesize bold new visual idioms that engage and grow audiences. Clients don’t buy a design, they gain a design partner who elevates the entire production experience.

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Set design

Designing a comprehensive production environment is part of our DNA. Other firms don’t provide a complete solution, so can’t be responsible for the result. We incorporate all your production needs and workflows.

Lighting Design

We integrate unique experience, aesthetics, technology and a distinctive no-holds-barred approach in creating solutions to achieve an unprecedented level of design integrity and stunning results.


Our design philosophy extends beyond sets and lighting to include all aspects of visual storytelling.  We offer hands-on training in our bootcamps to show your team how to effectively engage the audience across all visual aspects.