With Great

With Great Power...

… Comes Great Responsibility

Attitude. Effort. Ability. Fearlessness. These define us. We take creative responsibility for your entire project. Your success is our mission.

Unlimited Imagination

See beyond the endless imitation posing as imagination. Leverage ABP’s relentless compulsion to elevate your vision above the flat horizon of sameness.

Making the Impossible Possible

Impossible? No problem. Bring it on. At ABP, we thrive on challenges. They inspire our ingenuity. Exceptional thinking yields exceptional results.

Training New Superheroes

Learn to think like a Badger. ABP’s educational approach empowers you with our unique process and invaluable expertise. See things in a new way.

Uniting The World

Join us on the barricade between Boring and Soaring. Change your world. Help us raise the flag of excellence. Badgers of the World Unite.

Lighting Design

Don’t settle for good enough. ABP’s inspired and functional approach, backed by decades of hands-on operational experience, gives you exceptional and optimized results. Whether a fresh Lighting Design, a technology upgrade, a Re-light or an integrated Lighting and Set Design, ABP is your partner in success.

Set Design

Don’t accept a copycat approach posing as design. Leverage ABP’s insatiable passion to expand your vision beyond what’s already been done.  Whether it’s a Studio, a Newsroom, or a full Production Design, we start with a blank page and look at the big picture; integrating imagination, function and workflow needs into the ideal result. How can we do this? Because of our decades of broadcast operational experience that no other designer can reference.

Design Consulting

Don’t go it alone.  Call on ABP, with our expertise in design strategy, advance planning, working out needs and budget/workflow impact in advance, therefore minimizing potential expensive surprises. ABP is efficient with space and spend, providing more bang for the buck at a high- quality level. We pull our inspiration from what’s different, and smarter, making you better. We’ll also tackle remedial design transforming your potential design from dull to dynamic.

Project Management

Don’t try to do it all yourself. At ABP, we know your time is valuable, and that the results are only as good as the resources that go into a project. Our decades of experience give us the expertise and resources to procure the partners and manage the team as well as the process for optimal and cost-effective results.

Training Classes

Don’t accept limitations. Learn to think like a Badger. Learn to see things in a new way. ABP’s educational approach to each project empowers you with our unique process and invaluable expertise. Our Boot Camps provide on-site inspirational hands-on training.  Experts are built, not born.

Join The Inner Circle