How do you fit a Lifestyle Program into a studio the size of a large storage closet? …KPTV Studio C is tiny. Angry Badger accomplished the impossible and designed a multi-area, technologically advanced environment that wowed their viewers.

How did ABP do it?

Maximized Use of Space

We used every corner, we avoided curves, we attached scenery to walls, minimized the thickness of scenic construction to gain additional inches.


Scenery, camera and lighting are all remotely controlled which provides instantaneous changeover between shows, segments and sets.

Market-Specific Design

Portland is a city bisected by a river and joined by seven bridges. Custom bridge scenic elements and a flowing water motif make this set uniquely identifiable for Portland as does authentic, repurposed and cult-collectible PDX carpet. Woods on the set were local for the Pacific Northwest.

Large Video Wall

An impossibly large high-resolution seamless LED wall is the centerpiece of an expansive home base and interview set.

Video Posters

The Demo Set achieves maximum flexibility by using high resolution seamless LED rectangular shaped screens as video backgrounds flanked by local stone trimmed bookshelves that could be decorated with a variety of locally sourced props. The video posters and bookshelves allow for easy and quick changes from one show to another.

RAM (Roll-around Monitor)

A unique square aspect LED video screen allows for interesting and unexpected stand-up presentation. It is portable and can be rolled to different positions on the set.

Color Agile Scenery Done Differently

Rejecting the cliché LED tape, ABP used color agile fixtures to not only provide color but also give texture to create a feeling of depth and volume.

Four Cameras, No Waiting

Careful attention to camera geometry starting at the first design meeting, maximized the use of existing cameras by allowing cameras to shoot multiple sets with no repositioning required. This enabled more cameras to fit in this tiny studio and created more shots to make the studio larger and more impressive for the viewer..

Adrienne Roark, Vice President and General Manager of KPTV/KPDX

“The process getting to our fantastic new set for MORE Good Day Oregon was creative, collaborative and refreshing in the sense that the team at Angry Badger started with a blank sheet of paper. ABP did not come in with preconceived ideas about what the set should be, or a canned set idea from another market. They listened and worked closely with our team to capture not only our brand, but the feeling and essence of Portland. That is why this set is so unique.”

“The new set elevated MORE Good Day Oregon immediately, not only in on-air presentation, but also in terms of our presence in the community. For over three years, MORE has been produced primarily in the field, with stories and segments that highlighted all that Portland has to offer.  Our new home base allows us to invite Portland in, with live interviews, lifestyle segments, demonstrations, and other great content we’ve only been able to show in the field until now.  It’s a set befitting of Portland’s number one lifestyle show.  We couldn’t be more proud of the result.”


 Jamie Holmes, Director of Marketing, Creative and Programming KPTV/KPDX Portland, OR

The team at ABP was fantastic at imagining the tight space.  They really captured Portland on this set.  Thank you for starting with a blank sheet of paper, listening to our ideas and bringing such a beautiful environment to screen!