A new studio is part of the plan for the National Association of Broadcasters’ recently opened state-of-the-art corporate headquarters. Although, due to the impact of COVID, the project is not completed, but ABP was able to keep the process moving forward. The compact studio needed an innovative set design to serve as a showpiece for multi-client and multi-brand use with adaptable configurations and an overall flexible environment. The NAB team wanted to have the set completely change its identity for various inhouse users as well as outside sponsors to provide enhanced ROI as a revenue producing space.

How did ABP do it?

Video-Driven Design

Angry Badger’s design features a large high-resolution video wall and three-dimensional monitor arrays to create an instantaneously configurable environment for broadcast, social media, webcasts, podcasts, brand-related communications and other high profile media events.

World Class Lighting System

Coupled with flexible and user-friendly controls, a custom lighting design supports the flexibility of the set and echoes the changes in the scenic environment. First time users and those with more training and experience can all get the most out of this design.

Virtual without the Headaches

The high-resolution video environment allows the studio to become any location without all the preproduction normally required for VR.  The ability to use live video as a virtual location along with the use of simple studio cameras makes virtual events and live-streaming easy and impactful.


Along with the changeability of the video backgrounds, light weight versatile set pieces are reconfigurable for a variety of production uses.

Angry Badger looks forward to the completion of the installation sometime later this year.

April Carty-Sipp, Executive Vice President, Industry Affairs, National Association of Broadcasters

“From the beginning, we wanted a multi-functional studio space with a modern aesthetic that visiting broadcasters and our internal production team would feel proud to use. It was a lofty task as we had several unknowns that made this request quite complex, but when we partnered with Angry Badger they hit the ground running. The set and lighting design they created was everything we were looking for, which gave us confidence that they understood our vision.



We were presented with several opportunities that wouldn’t have been possible without our relationship with Angry Badger including bringing in additional partnerships to assist in creating the studio. They even pulled from their operational experience and made recommendations for how we can utilize the studio and its state of the art technology once the set is built. We are happy we were able to partner with Angry Badger in designing this key space for our productions.”